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Yvonne Lammers (CLASC)

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Yvonne Lamers is the owner of  CLASC is a ‘fair’ brand of lady suits (high-end design and high quality). CLASC advises you with developing your personal business style. You can meet CLASC by personal appointment, a styling meeting (6-9 women) and online in the shop.

Profession: designer of lady suits/personal branding
Industry Sector: Fashion

Company: CLASC
Address: Maijweg 28, 5211 AB ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Email: yvonne@clasc.nl
Telephone: 0614000700

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Website: www.clasc.nl
Blog: https://www.clasc.nl/clasc_nl/blog
Twitter: @CLASC_onlyStyle

Member-to-Member discount offered: www.clasc.nl: lady suits, giving you self-confidence and convenience. 10% discount in the shop, using the code WBII2017, or phone and visit us for personal business styling in beautiful ‘s-Hertogenbosc