Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy
Anita Paalvast
Inge Zweerts de Jong

Visiting the Feel at Home Fair 2020

Last Sunday, the WBII was at the Feel at Home Fair in The Hague. One hundred and seventy exhibitors showcased everything from exciting career opportunities to ambitious new business challenges; from world-class schools and universities to an extraordinary array of sports, social and community groups. The entertainment was out of this world, showing that The Hague is truly an International city.

It was a very busy fair with over 5000 visitors  and the WBII was once again represented by an amazing team volunteers: Darina Veen, Johanne Bade, Jo Parfitt, Lisa Hall, Manuela Damant, Moran Greenwald, Natalie Carstens, Teresa Moynihan & Karen Shaw.

WBII members presented their own stands: Natalie, Darina & Audrey.

There was great interest for our SYOB seminar and in what WBII offers for female entrepreneurs! Huge thanks to Darina, our Fair coordinator for organising our participation and to the Feel at Home Fair team for bringing such a fantastic event to The Hague. Check out their photos here.