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Q&A iconVassia is a counselor-psychologist working with clients in one-to-one sessions but also organizing group workshops.

Her clients’ well-being, self-pride and empowerment is her main goal. The most common issues she has dealt together with her clients have been: anxiety, depression, time management, family issues (divorce, adolescence, conflicts, infertility), panic attacks, self-development.

Vassia has organised seminars and workshops about psychology for counselors and psychologists, but also for individuals. She has also been the lecturer about Career Counselling, Stress Management, Parenting School, Self-Awareness.

She is also providing online counseling services, especially when distance, cost or other practical factors make a meeting-in-person impossible.

Vassia keeps expanding her horizons by participating in workshops, conferences, seminars, but also through travelling, meeting new people, reading books and practicing photography.

Name: Vassia Sarantopoulou
Profession: Counselor/ Psychologist
Company: The Anti-Loneliness Project
Address: Leiden, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 6 49527633

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