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Ugne Marchionno (Aim to WOW)

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Behind “Aim to WOW” stands Ugne Marchionno a Creative Growth Strategist specialised in Marketing and Social Media.

It is the belief of taking the road in the middle where business goals meet with new technologies and analytics to ultimately satisfy consumer needs that guides the strategies of Aim to WOW.

The fundamental idea is creating the synergy between dream and do, between creative ideas and data all of it aimed to give direction to the creative force so it leads to measurable results.

Through consultancy and training “Aim to WOW” helps organisations make better use of digital technologies.

What’s going to make the biggest difference to your business? Are You on the right direction to get there?

What are You trying to achieve? What is the best way to get there?

Think: Who am I talking to?

Name: Ugne Marchionno
Profession: Creative Growth Strategist
Company:  Aim to WOW
Address: Den Haag
Telephone: 0683596144

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