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The launch of

Two of our members: Natasha Bonnevalle and Barbara Piper, have joined hands and developed something completely new: Lifeshops. This summer they are starting a series of monthly lifeshops for women. Their focus is on awareness, reflection, change, and personal growth. Not just another ordinary lecture or motivational talk, no this will be about getting your […]

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Understand your brain, stay healthy & change your habits!

Stefanie Thomas, WBII member since December 2013, is a Professional Health & Performance Coach, Fitness Instructor, and Life Coach. She organises ‘BRAIN HEALTH & PERFORMANCE’, a six-part workshop to understand your brain, stay healthy and change your habits! Are you a hardworking professional and/or parent, short on time and overwhelmed, and all you really want […]

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Meet WBII member Charlotte Meindersma

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Charlotte is an Intellectual Property lawyer and a photographer. She cannot live without either of them and decided to combine the two. As a photographer Charlotte got to know what life as a small business owner is like and how daunting especially the legal side of business can be. With that in mind Charlotte opened […]

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WBII member Eowyn Crisfield

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Are you an expat parent living in the Netherlands? Do you intend to raise your children bi- or even multilingual? Would you be surprised to find out that there is a right and a wrong way of doing so? Raising bilingual children can be straight-forward, rewarding and beneficial to your children. Raising bilingual children can […]

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More2Sell on SBS 6!

On Wednesday 8 April More2Sell will be on TV in the new SBS program ‘Huis te Koop!’. The show helps people who are desperate to sell their homes with a small ‘style’ makeover. WBII member Gigi Loman-Dinsbach is co-owner of More2Sell . The business was set up four years ago at a time when real […]

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Ondernemende DIVAZ, Cecilia Thorfinn

Cecilia Thorfinn is since three years busy developing an innovative product concept that she calls the “MummyMug”. It is a stylish mug that will make it possible for parents, or anyone else with small children around, to have a safe coffee or tea break, without risking a scalding burn in the children they have around them. These […]

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