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300 % Club Kick Off

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The 300% Club kicks off for 2012 on Monday, 6 February. Will 2012 be your year to triple your business? Ready to really go for it big time? Join this  group of individuals committed to growing their business. 300% Club meets monthly to set and track sales targets as well as progress on YOUR BIG […]

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Spear Your Fears – An empowering safari

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Are there situations holding you back that prevent you from moving forward? Where else can you discover your true self but on a breathtaking African adventure?  This is a fantastic opportunity to walk with the Masai and Samburu warriors and find the warrior in you.  This safari is a combination of releasing the anchors of […]

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Statutory Indexation of Child and Spousal Alimony

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Each year, the Minister of Justice determines the alimony index. For 2012, the percentage is 1,3%, meaning that the allowance concluded in your divorce convenant or Court order will be automatically raised with 1,3% as of 1st January 2012. This percentage is based on the wage index which is determined by Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau […]

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Vinita Salomé (Vinita Salomé Photography)

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A multi-lingual world citizen, Vinita is an on location natural light lifestyle portrait photographer endeavouring to capture glimpses of family lives. She currently resides in Gouda, The Netherlands. Having traveled extensively and lived in three countries, Vinita has always been fascinated by people and photography. Vinita’s working philosophy is based on her perceptions and feelings, […]

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Starting your own Business in the Netherlands

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Sinead Hewson, WBII Member, spoke at the Expatica Fair 2011 ‘I am not a tourist Fair‘ yesterday in Amsterdam. Below is the presentation that she did on “How to start your own business in The Netherlands“. If you would like more information on how to start your business please contact us.

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Changes in international family law

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In the EU, most matters of international family law are regulated by the European Commission, drawing on the Hague Conference on International Private Law. Recently, legislative efforts in Brussels and The Hague have resulted in three significant changes, which will reshape some core aspects of international family law. Legislative proposal 32358 – Abolition of the […]

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Colleen Reichrath-Smith (CJS Career Consulting)

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Colleen Reichrath-Smith (GCDF), CJS Career Consulting, helps people navigate the career challenges of a globally mobile world. For individuals at a career crossroads, HR managers and departments, academic institutions, corporations, and government policy makers. Colleen Reichrath-Smith, CJS Career Consulting, offers solutions to the question: what now? through inspiring presentations, workshops, individual coaching and her book […]

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Katherine Fortier (Child and Educational Psychologist)

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Katherine Fortier (BA Hon, MASc) is a child and educational psychologist who works with children and adolescents aged 4 through to 18, and their families. In addition to parent guidance and individual or family counselling, Katherine also works closely with all the local English-speaking international schools to provide psycho-educational assessments. Parenting seminars and courses are […]

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Lianne de Vries (Mevrouw de Vries)

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MevrouwdeVries is a creative editorial agency for transparent, commercial and journalistic (web) writing. MevrouwdeVries gently juggles with words to create writing that suits you, your style and your small or bigbusiness. As an extra, MevrouwdeVries can advise on your communications strategy. Since 2005 many clients have tasted the pure Dutch MevrouwdeVries recipe. Ranging from soft-drink […]

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WBII member Eowyn Crisfield

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Are you an expat parent living in the Netherlands? Do you intend to raise your children bi- or even multilingual? Would you be surprised to find out that there is a right and a wrong way of doing so? Raising bilingual children can be straight-forward, rewarding and beneficial to your children. Raising bilingual children can […]

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WBII Speed Coaching

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Are you stuck and need advice? Suzy Ogé offers a personal one to one consultation dedicated to answering your basic business related questions or provide a referral for more complicated issues. Each time slot is just 20 minutes so be sure to come prepared to get the full benefit of the consultation. Cost: NOW FREE […]

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