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Stress Management

THE WAY UP – How to Let Go and Live your Best, Most Joyful Life

Would you like to: • Quickly and easily let go of stress, anxiety, or burnout? • Let go of unwanted thoughts and experience inner peace? • Enjoy more loving and supportive relationships? • Live a life of balance, harmony and joy? Fereshteh Samsami is co-leading a 3 day course “THE WAY UP: How to Let […]

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Workshop: How to enhance our Childrens’ Resilience with Ute Limacher-Riebold of Ute’s Expat Lounge

This time of the year many children struggle either with school – many exams and expectations, a full schedule and just “too much on their plate” – friends who are leaving or a major change coming up (change of school etc.). How can we help them, as parents or caregivers, to become more resilient and […]

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