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Introducing a new Sponsor: Image and Style

Anne Bybjerg is an International Image Stylist with a diverse international clientele. Her studio, Image & Style, is based in The Hague. Anne graduated from one of the United Kingdom’s leading Image Consultancy Houses – Aston+Hayes, London. With 7 years of international experience, she is sensitive to cultural differences and continues to help clients of all […]

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Introducing a new Sponsor: Susan Jimenez Media

As a creative Digital Marketing Consultant & Video Maker. I believe in authenticity, thinking outside the box and bringing value to your visual online presence. My passion is to inspire and capture moments with video and visual marketing. I help entrepreneurs and business communicate messages and stories in a visual, engaging and fast way that […]

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2013 WBII International Community Calendar

Thumbnail image for 2013 WBII International Community Calendar

Last year’s WBII community calendar was a success in supporting the WBII. We have also made improvements to make this 2nd annual calendar an even more coveted product and more profitable for the WBII. We hope to earn even MORE funds to support the work of the WBII, our trusted network and information source. The […]

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WBII 2012 Calendar

The year 2012 is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar. Eastern tradition views dragons as symbols of prosperity, bravery, power and good fortune. The WBII is excited to introduce the first annual 2012 WBII International Community Calendar. WBII Members, local businesses, school holidays and resources for Expats will be featured. Choosing […]

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