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The Light Wave Psychologists Practice

Do you know why all those pills, procedures and other magical appearance changing quick fixes out there do not satisfy you? Why you think that the results never make you look younger, thinner, prettier, leaner or muscular enough? It is because your body image is the same. It is still negative. Accept and Rock Your […]

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Benefits of an international life

Amsterdam just hosted the “I am not a tourist fair” in the stunning ‘Beurs van Berlage’. During the fair, internationals were able to explore many aspects of living in the Netherlands, from finding a job to meeting people. To feel really at home in a foreign country, one should ideally feel a sense of belonging. […]

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Are you looking for another perspective, advice or you need to talk to a psychologist?

The Light Wave Psychologists Practice is giving each month, 3 individuals 1 FREE session to tell their story, ask questions and seek professional advice. Aiming at quality and maximum support that is achievable in 1 meeting, each FREE session will be 50 minutes long. The sessions will be held at Dr. Sharon Galor’s practice in […]

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Jet Sichterman (Embracing Horizons)

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Embracing Horizons helps international children thrive!  Founder of Embracing Horizons, Jet Sichterman, MSc child & adolescent psychologist, has made it her mission to help international children thrive and ensure that good quality information and mental health care is available to them and those who support them. For Children: – Social Skills 4 Kids groups – […]

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