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A heartfelt message of thanks

We are saying goodbye to three vital forces behind the WBII: Myra Colis, who served on the board with a smile and a fresh perspective and overview our Social media plan and application, who co-ordinated the fairs, took photos, served on the IWD committee and so much more… Thank you Myra, and good luck with […]

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Hope for Nepal | help raise funds and win a portrait session

We are proud to share that our members, Natalie Carstens and Vinita Salomé, are back in action with the launch of a new project through their fundraising initiative Images to Inspire Hope. They are dedicated to making a difference by raising funds for charities offering assistance to children and families dealing with crisis and disaster situations, […]

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Help raise funds for the Philippines and win a portrait session with Images to Inspire Hope

WBII Members and professional photographers, Natalie Carstens and Vinita Salome, are back in action with their initiative Images to Inspire Hope. It’s inspiring to see two talented professionals collaborating in this way and making a difference. In previous years they joined together to raise money for children and families affected by the earthquake in Haiti and the earthquake and […]

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Natalie Carstens (Photographer)

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Hi, i’m Natalie, a storytelling family photographer with a love of capturing personal stories of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and the precious early weeks at home with a newborn baby. It’s such a fleeting time in your life. Each photo I take tells a piece of your family story in a beautiful way. Share digital images […]

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Master Class: How to take a good picture

Get ready to take the best summer holiday pictures ever! Natalie Carstens, photographer and WBII member shares her top photography tips and shows examples of them in action so that you too can capture all the memorable moments of your summer this year and have people marveling at your photography skills! Bring along your camera […]

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Find your passion and do it

WBII member Natalie Harrison made the courageous leap from secure employment to exciting self-employment. Here’s what she has to say about the experience so far: When I reflect on the year 2008 it’s right up there as one of the best; it was the year I transformed my passion into my full-time job. It was […]

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