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Désirée Siemerink-Looten (Looten Advocatuur & Mediation)

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I am a lawyer and mediator offering services to businesses, professionals and individuals. My focus is on preventing and effectively solving conflicts. In this process my clients’ interests are central. I specialise in cases involving 3rd party liability, damages or personal injury and health law, as well as juvenile and family law. As a mediator I call […]

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Frequent Misconceptions in International Family Law

Increasingly frequently, people find love across the border. They fall in love with someone living abroad or of a different nationality. While the relationship flourishes, it’s hunky dory, but what if the marriage fails? Divorce is a difficult process in many ways – a low point in any life and international divorces involve extra complications. […]

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“It’s my way or the high way”- approach costs employer small fortune

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GMW Advocaten Legal Update- In the unlikely event you are faced with the dissolution of your employment contract because of (alleged) malfunctioning, it is good to know that judges might grant ample compensation when your employer lacks a complete personnel file of malfunctioning and has not given enough opportunity to improve yourself. Only recently, an […]

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Legal Expat Desk – clarity – right from the source

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GMW Advocaten has launched a brand new Legal Expat Desk website. The website is meant to be an information portal, a hub facilitating quick access to legal information that is relevant to expats living in The Netherlands. Current issues and changes in Dutch and EU legislation are reflected in brief articles, written by a dedicated […]

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Statutory Indexation of Child and Spousal Alimony

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Each year, the Minister of Justice determines the alimony index. For 2012, the percentage is 1,3%, meaning that the allowance concluded in your divorce convenant or Court order will be automatically raised with 1,3% as of 1st January 2012. This percentage is based on the wage index which is determined by Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau […]

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Changes in international family law

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In the EU, most matters of international family law are regulated by the European Commission, drawing on the Hague Conference on International Private Law. Recently, legislative efforts in Brussels and The Hague have resulted in three significant changes, which will reshape some core aspects of international family law. Legislative proposal 32358 – Abolition of the […]

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Further protection for expats against unjust dismissal!

In Holland an employee who has an indefinite contract can not be dismissed without the prior approval of a sub district court and / or the so called UWV Werkbedrijf. An employer must therefore file for dismissal. This is determined in article 6 of The BBA, Extraordinary Labour Relations Decree. Reliance on Dutch labour market […]

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The liability of a foreign legal entity / director

It is widely known that corporations have a limited responsibility, that is, that the corporation has its own, separate capital, which can be accessed in case of debts toward third parties. In the case of bankruptcy, however, the directors of a corporation can be held personally liable by the bankruptcy trustees, if maladministration can be […]

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Is your WIFI secured?

In theory, we all know that an unsecured wireless connection could be used by unauthorised persons, but do we really care? Well, we should – as some of those people might use our unsecured WIFI connection to commit a criminal act. Recently, a high school graduate posted threats on the Internet, geared at his old […]

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Divorce and exclusion clauses under Dutch law: inheritances

Be in the know! As there is no global consensus as to how best divide the assets of divorcing couples, there are sharp differences between the divorce laws of different countries. Expats in the Netherlands are often in for a big surprise when they discover that they have to share their inheritances with their (former) […]

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Is your office in your home or is your home in your office?

Nowadays, corporate frugality might result in a-not-entirely-unexpected-but-really-not-welcome change in contracts. Many employees of multinational companies, who previously were awarded expat contracts, are presented with the choice of leaving the company or accepting a local contract. What this means differs from one company to the other, but most often the first privilege to go is housing […]

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