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Jennifer Pfister

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I am planning to create a global platform that will connect local education providers (NGOs, initiatives, mentoring programmes, start-ups) focusing on female empowerment. By providing a digital platform, these educational actors will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences and empower themselves. Name: Jennifer Pfister University: Leiden University College The Hague Address: Den Haag […]

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Networking Review: Ultimate Peak Performance

I went in blind, I will admit. I read ‘peak performance’ in the title of the August networking event – and made an assumptive jump to it being about sports, and admittedly read no further. That did not though stop me from going because the WBII has been my ‘gas station’ for more than 10 […]

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Program Learn communicating with impact

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  Did you know that these two different, but related aspects of collaboration are becoming more and more relevant today? If you want to learn about this skill, kinaesthetic awareness, and improve your communication and impact, don’t miss the opportunity to join me mid-October for the program Learn communicating with impact – be like an […]

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Impressions from International Women’s Day 2016 Workshops

Celebrating the Feminization of Leadership By Mandie van der Meer-Danielski “Don’t try this alone,” encouraged Manuela Damant, Johanna Nesbitt and Sarah Brown, the professionals at Open the Door Leadership. They started off the workshops at the WBII’s 10th anniversary day with this message, and it resonated all that afternoon and into the night. Surely it […]

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Afternoon Workshops at IWD2016

Our International Women’s Day celebration on 8 March is just 12 days away! Have you bought your ticket? SEE THE FULL PROGRAM AND REGISTER NOW! For the afternoon workshops, we are pleased to announce that Nominee for “Life in Public Works” award, Madi Sharma, will be travelling to join us and give her much acclaimed presentation “Women! – You must […]

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Innovation is a team sport, how to boost your innovation capacity?

In this article I’m proud to present a new product for teambuilding and innovation: ‘An Aikido Theory for U, navigating big changes together’ Resistance to change is a fundamental organizational problem as all organisations have a degree of general inertia. Familiar? I think a big part of the answer lies in people in organisation learning to […]

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4 Power Strategies of Successful Women Leaders

Women are catching up in terms of leadership roles, recognizing their uniqueness and natural abilities, and the desire of wanting more. Self-awareness of who you are, with your thoughts, experiences, values, beliefs and vision is vital to be successful and become the leader you want to be. During my time at a corporate and now […]

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Anita Paalvast (Aikido@Work)

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Aikido@Work offers people in organisations a safe practice ground for experiential learning, working with the common challenges that most professionals face in today’s workplaces: communication, collaboration, change and leadership. Through simple, aikido based, exercises they start to see how increased physical awareness can accelerate their personal learning and how anchoring a new understanding ‘physically’ can […]

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Altus Talent – Catherine Pawlow

A Chief Finance Officer asks his CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?” The CEO responds: ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?” Is that a great place to be…? This is where I come in: I am a business coach and I help people […]

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