Katharina Andrés

People, Planet, Profit, Priquab?!

As a sustainable fashion expert I am always looking for better fashion labels and shops. And by better I mean more sustainable. But what is that exactly? And do we really have a common understanding of a sustainable product? Triple P The most descriptive definition is the triple P approach. The triple bottom line – […]

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Let’s rock the world of fashion – Katharina Andrés

How can we help the fashion industry to become greener and fairer? We all know that the fashion industry still has a long way to go in order to become sustainable. Working conditions are poor and the industry has a massive impact on the environment. However, most of us still find it difficult to do […]

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What does it take to be my dream client?

by Katharina Andrés A few months ago I started my own business. I had always imagined that if one day I was going to be an entrepreneur, I would plan every last detail beforehand. In my imaginary world I walked into the chamber of commerce the day of the festive inscription of my new business […]

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