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I would love to welcome the women of WBII to the Crown Plaza Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus. 14-15th September 2019 For the event we would love to invite you to present at the specific WBII – EXPO TABLE at our Seaside venue female entrepreneurs expo with access to an international community of women and access to […]

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Heleniq Argyrou (Aha Intelligence)

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Developing the Women Developing Women of Truth movement with powerful life changing events Research into the deeper influences on womens’ abilities to lead and change social structures and secure inclusion, gender equality Arranging and supporting Masterminding groups to create methods to train and support women in male dominated positions Developing Education Researching whole brain thinking […]

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Networking Review: Ultimate Peak Performance

I went in blind, I will admit. I read ‘peak performance’ in the title of the August networking event – and made an assumptive jump to it being about sports, and admittedly read no further. That did not though stop me from going because the WBII has been my ‘gas station’ for more than 10 […]

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