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Happy 2014!

What is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014? We are now two weeks into the New Year, and I sincerely hope you have been able to stick to your plans! On my own list of resolutions is building stronger relationships with the members of the WBII. We are now half way through […]

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Introducing the new Executive Board

Suzy Ogé, who founded the WBII some 7 years ago, will be moving soon from The Hague to Jakarta, Indonesia. We said our goodbyes to her at a surprise farewell party on June 27th, and during the event, we made Suzy a WBII ‘Lifetime Member’. Suzy assured us that even though she will be far […]

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Can I just say something?

An open letter to all, I had started to write this the day that I got the news from Suzy. As you all know, Suzy will be moving to Jakarta in July. This is an exciting new journey and a new chapter for her and her family. Of course, it comes as a shock to […]

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