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A letter to you about what matters

I want you to know that there are few things in life that matter. I also want you to know that most of what you are TOLD matters, doesn’t. What really matters is that you are clear inside yourself what matters to you. And it matters that you keep that voice listened to. That you […]

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DISC Personality System, special offer

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Don’t miss the opportunity to have a “one off” personality profiling session with life coach Christine Miljkovic. DISC will identify your strengths and weaknesses in just one hour. The feedback will help you to communicate with your clients more effectively and identify specific areas that may need more focus when running your business.

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WBII Coaching Group

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The WBII Coaching Group consists of a group of professional coaches who meet to share experiences, ideas and to help and support each other as part of their professional development. Qualified and/or experienced coaches are invited to join the Group. The next meeting will take place on Monday 14th May 12noon at the WBII. If […]

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Colleen Reichrath-Smith (CJS Career Consulting)

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Colleen Reichrath-Smith (GCDF), CJS Career Consulting, helps people navigate the career challenges of a globally mobile world. For individuals at a career crossroads, HR managers and departments, academic institutions, corporations, and government policy makers. Colleen Reichrath-Smith, CJS Career Consulting, offers solutions to the question: what now? through inspiring presentations, workshops, individual coaching and her book […]

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Anita Paalvast (Aikido@Work)

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Aikido@Work offers people in organisations a safe practice ground for experiential learning, working with the common challenges that most professionals face in today’s workplaces: communication, collaboration, change and leadership. Through simple, aikido based, exercises they start to see how increased physical awareness can accelerate their personal learning and how anchoring a new understanding ‘physically’ can […]

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Sinéad Hewson (TpEBO)

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TpEBO facilitates sessions so individuals, teams and organisations address problems, solve them and ultimately perform at a higher level. The company, owned by Sinead Hewson, works internationally with entrepreneurs and multi-nationals. Success: When a client recognises progress; is ready to move on; is happy with their business and / or personal life. We then go […]

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Altus Talent – Catherine Pawlow

A Chief Finance Officer asks his CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the company?” The CEO responds: ‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?” Is that a great place to be…? This is where I come in: I am a business coach and I help people […]

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Find Your Passion

Discover who you really are, what you always were, and how to put the things you love into your life and work. Would you describe your life as vibrant and exciting? Or has it become rather bland and ho-hum? Are you headed in the right direction full of enthusiasm? Or do you just plod along, […]

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Speed Coaching

Are you stuck and need advice? Suzy Ogé offers a personal one to one consultation dedicated to answering your basic business related questions or provide a referral for more complicated issues. Each time slot is just 20 minutes so be sure to come prepared to get the full benefit of the consultation. Cost: NOW FREE […]

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