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Sophie Bonavero (Clever Clogs)

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Clever Clogs is a small, client-focused retail business with customers from all over the globe. We supply the expat community (particularly families from the British School in the Netherlands) with school shoes which are a requirement as part of the school uniform. Name: Sophie Bonavero Company: Clever Clogs Address: Spelderslaan 8, 2242ST Wassenaar Telephone: 06 […]

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The Good Enough Parent (The Anti-Guilt Workshop)

This workshop is not just another workshop to tell you what you are doing wrong. It’s a focus on what you are doing right. But most of all, it’s a gathering of parents that want to come to terms with a not-perfect role and to find peace and balance in their parenting life. Get confident […]

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Isabelle Barth (Studio Langues & Mobilité)

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With Studio Langues & Mobilité, I help entrepreneurs to get to the next level in their company. How? When you can master another language, you can reach out to another market. Studio Langues et Mobilité allows you to learn foreign languages over Skype. When you do not have to the time to go to a […]

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A new collaborative: Think, Talk and Tinker

We are delighted to announce another collaboration amongst our members: introducing Think, Talk and Tinker, an initiative of Ute Limacher-Riebold, Jet Sichterman and Lana Jelenjev. Under this name they will share their knowledge about child development and parenting through various events. Their first event is planned for April 18th in The Hague as part of the ‘Week […]

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Jet Sichterman (Expat Child Psychology)

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Expat Child Psychology is a private practice that supports the social & emotional needs of expat children and their families. The practice offers individual therapy (behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, play therapy), parent support, Social Skills 4 Kids group courses and the Autism Parent Support Programme. Psycho-educational assessments can be provided in collaboration with the Child […]

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Vinita Salomé (Vinita Salomé Photography)

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A multi-lingual world citizen, Vinita is an on location natural light lifestyle portrait photographer endeavouring to capture glimpses of family lives. She currently resides in Gouda, The Netherlands. Having traveled extensively and lived in three countries, Vinita has always been fascinated by people and photography. Vinita’s working philosophy is based on her perceptions and feelings, […]

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Children’s liability under Dutch law

This month’s article from GMW Advocaten raises an issue that is hair raising in itself to any parent blessed with some sense of reality – the liability of parents for their children’s acts. Under Dutch law different scenarios apply for different age groups. Read on for a better understanding of this matter. (cont.) We have […]

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