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Program Learn communicating with impact

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  Did you know that these two different, but related aspects of collaboration are becoming more and more relevant today? If you want to learn about this skill, kinaesthetic awareness, and improve your communication and impact, don’t miss the opportunity to join me mid-October for the program Learn communicating with impact – be like an […]

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Learn Communicating with Impact – Be like an Aikido Warrior

For professionals with guts ! As a professional, would you like to communicate with impact? Make a good start of 2016 with this new program. Let yourself be surprised by the insights you gain from the Japanese martial art Aikido, the art of achieving more with less resistance. Would you like to communicate for more […]

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Innovation is a team sport, how to boost your innovation capacity?

In this article I’m proud to present a new product for teambuilding and innovation: ‘An Aikido Theory for U, navigating big changes together’ Resistance to change is a fundamental organizational problem as all organisations have a degree of general inertia. Familiar? I think a big part of the answer lies in people in organisation learning to […]

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Get your communication in balance with Aikido

Curious about how to improve your communication style with the martial art of Aikido? WBII Member, Anita Paalvast of Akido@Work, is offering a workshop at the We Unite ‘I like to Move It’ Festival in Amsterdam – and there is a lot more great movement on offer!! When: Saturday 30 November 2013, workshop round 1, […]

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Women in Business: Q&A with Anita Paalvast of Aikido@Work

We ask our members share a few thoughts: to introduce themselves to fellow members, and those who are interested in our community. In this installment, we interview Anita Paalvast of Akido@Work. What is the guiding principle of Aikido@Work? In current times people need to manage complexity, uncertainty and high demands. With Aikido@Work I offer people in work […]

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September Networking Event

Aikido @ Work The summer holidays are behind us and we are back in action.  Tonight you are invited to reconnect as the WBII community that we are in a new and interesting way.  In this evening’s session let yourself be surprised by the unorthodox way of working. –  What is connecting to others? –  […]

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Anita Paalvast (Aikido@Work)

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Aikido@Work offers people in organisations a safe practice ground for experiential learning, working with the common challenges that most professionals face in today’s workplaces: communication, collaboration, change and leadership. Through simple, aikido based, exercises they start to see how increased physical awareness can accelerate their personal learning and how anchoring a new understanding ‘physically’ can […]

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