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Networking Review: How to Grow and Engage Your Business Audience

We kicked off the evening with one of the hottest topics these days (yes, pun intended): climate change. Dymphna, our organiser, mentioned the young environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, whose name was on everybody’s lips this week and urged us to support her (and our!) fight in any way we can. That was a great segway […]

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Aleyda Santos (Jikiden reiki station)

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Aleyda’s passion for Reiki started 20 years ago. The extraordinary body-mind healing and transformation that she has experienced through her Reiki practice has motivated her to share her learnings. In 2004 Aleyda became teacher of the Usui Reiki System, also known as Western Reiki. Her multi-lingual communication skills, allowed her to plant the seed of […]

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