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Silvy Fehring (Her Global Success)

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Silvy Fehring teaches women how to create independence while living abroad and how to create a business that travels with you.

Many women who move for love give up their job and career. The dependency causes an imbalance in the relationship, ultimately leading to self doubt and feelings of insecurity. Women also tend to focus on other’s needs before their own when.

Combined with all the lifestyle changes, the experience of living abroad can be a very stressful one which is not necessary.

Silvy teaches women how to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, and how to continue an existing or start a new career while living abroad.

Silvy has a professional background in HR, Change Management and Online Business Management. For many years she has worked as an expat and moved internationally as an expat partner.

Profession: People & Change Coaching
Industry Sector: Business Development, Coaching

Company: Her Global Success
Address: Borneostraat 205, 2585 SC The Hague
Country: Netherlands