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jo parfittThat’s quite a statement, right? So, what do I know about that you might want to hear? I have written 27 books and hundreds of articles and, having lived and worked abroad for 23 years in five countries I am a bit of an entrepreneur too. I know about how to learn to write, how to get published and how to get paid for it. I know how to write an article or a book that will promote you and your business. I know how to write a book that will make you money.

I love to teach. I love to inspire people.  And so, I run writing workshops from my home, in The Hague, just round the corner from the WBII.  My Write Your Life Stories and Definite Articles programs are really popular and will empower and enable you to get your thoughts and experiences down on paper. If you live too far away, then the programs can be taken online too.

But sometimes people don’t want to take a course, they want to pick my brains and ask me questions. They want to find out about publishing, about the difference between self-publishing and mainstream. They want to find out the best way to spend the least amount of money and make the most profit. I’ve been there done that and got the tee-shirt. I’ve been published by mainstream publishers, been published by online publishers, I run my own press (Summertime Publishing) and publish my own books and my clients’ too. Then, in September 2010 I joined forces with another publisher and am now on the look out for new authors to publish. I’m only taking on books by and for expats though, but I guess, as you are a member of the WBII, that that’s you! If you want to have a quick brainstorm you know where to find me.

As I said, I love to share what I know. So follow me on twitter, follow my blog, sign up to my monthly newsletter The Inspirer, and see what you can learn from my constant flow of content. I love to connect others and know tons of people, so take advantage of my network too.

If you are interested in writing your life story then pick up my free How to Write Life Story – the Inside Secrets now.


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