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Nira Satguru (Future Of Learning)

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The Future of Learning centre is a learning home with a difference. Future of learning is incorporating mind-brain research, digitalization and globalization.

Supporting children and adults as individual and group learners the centre aims to create cultures of thinking and prepare minds for the future.

We offer tutoring sessions, homework support, organizational and independent learning skills and bespoke care for young people whose parents are living and working abroad.

Name: Nira Satguru
Profession: Educator
Company: Future Of Learning Home/Centre
Address: Veurseweg, 2251AB Voorschoten
Telephone: 0651514846
Email: nirauk@gmail.com
Website: www.futureoflearning.nl

Special offer for WBII Members:
We like to offer “Sri Lankan Cuisine” private dinners for up to 10 persons at the Future Of Learning Home to support the start up venture.


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