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Q&A iconI am a professional singer and voice teacher and I help people build confidence through singing and speaking. I teach breathing, posture, vocal technique and help people combine that with their own intention and personality.

The singers I teach are choir singers, teenagers, music lovers and people who thought they couldn’t sing, but want to try. They come to learn to how to use their voices with more ease and pleasure, to find their full expression with singing.

The speakers who train with me include trial attorneys, real-time interpreters, professors, politicians and consultants, who want to use their voices more healthfully, expressively and with more stamina.

I enjoy the challenge of finding out what makes each person tick, and encouraging improvement through a combination of positive attention, good working skills and fun.

Name: Nancy Mayer
Profession: Voice Teacher, Singer
Company: Nancy Mayer, Voice Lessons
Address: Frederik Hendriklaan 249, The Hague
Telephone: 070 356 9581 / 0614 851 832
Email: nancymayer08@gmail.com
Website: www.nancymayer.com

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