Akanksha Menon


Katharina-Andres-100“I just became a member of the WBII two months ago and I am more than happy with that step. I am a sustainability consultant and my business is still very young. I truly appreciate the input and feedback I have received from WBII members so far.

The monthly meetings are well prepared and inspiring and I was even lucky enough to meet a new client at my second meeting already. This is far more than I had expected.

Thank you ladies for the professional and pleasant atmosphere. I am really looking forward to all the great things we are going to achieve together!”

– Katharina Andrés

arwa-lokhandwala“I am a proud member of the Women’s Business Initiative International.

Having started my own web design and branding business 2.5 years back was exciting. And I was lucky to have come across WBII at almost the same time.

WBII is a diverse group of entrepreneurial, motivated and hard working women and it is always great to network with them. Some of my clients also come from this group. And some of the insights and motivation has helped me add a couple of new streams to my bouquet of services, thereby expanding to SEO and Mobile app development too!

Thank you WBII.”

– Arwa Lokhandwala, Tulip Web Solutions

SueLawrence“Through WBII members’ gentle support and encouragement, I have stepped around my fear of marketing myself and asking to be paid. By presenting my workshop to this safe, welcoming group, I was able to build my confidence enough to then go on to ask to be paid for my work.

These are small feats in the spectrum of entrepreneurship but they are giant steps for me. The WBII is a powerful platform to launch us all towards success.”

– Sue Lawrence

Severina-Scarnecchia“I would like to thank you all, one by one for giving me one of the best personal and professional experience and for trust.

Most of us experience working alone from home, without any confrontation, point of reference…but you were my team. I found the right support in participating to the monthly meetings, mastermind group meetings, professional development workshops etc.

Everybody should know how valuable is to expose your feelings, exit your confort zone when there is a group of authentic, energetic women like you. Despite we mostly struggle with clients, manage a new business and more, WBII is a place where you can feel alive and kicking!!!”

– Severina Scarnecchia, EU Government Affairs and Communications Consultant

Renee Veldman-Tentori“The WBII has been a wonderful network both personally and professionally. It’s been a place to meet like-minded women and also find new clients. 

The monthly network meetings are a “must” on my calendar and I always come away with new ideas and inspiration. The speakers are always knowledgeable and cover a broad range of relevant topics for my business. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a great business community.”

– Renee Veldman-Tentori, Zestee Social Media Training

Vanessa Prins“The WBII is a wonderful networking group for small business owners!”

– Vanessa Prins, Goodman Coaching


Ruchika Handa“For an entrepreneurial venture to succeed you need to be a part of a community, have a platform, and support to lean on to as you grow your business. WBII gave me that and much more when I launched Laboni in the Netherlands 5 years ago. It’s been an invaluable and inseparable part of my story…”

– Ruchika Handa, Laboni

Akkie Okma“My name is Akkie Okma and I am a careers counsellor. It is my challenge to search for your strengths in order to maximise your talents and to broaden your horizons.

I am a proud member of the Women’s Business Initiative. The WBII is an inspiring network of professional business owners. I do get a lot of support and energy out of the group which helps me to further develop my business. It also gives me new clients. The network events are interesting and I always go home enriched and happy. It is a nice group to get connected to.

My favourite quote: ‘Alone you can go faster, but together we can go further.'”

– Akkie Okma, Okma Advies

Vinita Salome“Suzy (WBII) gave me an opportunity to showcase my newly published book at one of the network meetings.

Having found network meetings difficult to attend in the past, I was nervous as to how this would turn out, as it was my first presentation in front of people who are experts in their field.

I really had nothing to worry about, as all the women who attended were extremely encouraging and supportive and I personally realised that I actually enjoyed giving the presentation.

Being a member of WBII has been one of the best investments I have made for my business.”

– Vinita Salome, Vinita Salome Photography

Christine Miljkovic“It is such a joy to know that I can always find like minded women who are passionate about their businesses and at the same time give back to the business community through shared experiences and expertise.

The members have a wealth of diversity and as well as meeting new friends and colleagues, I have found an excellent graphic designer who has done my publicity materials.

Thanks WBII and Suzy for her continued enthusiasm.”

– Christine Miljkovic, Inspire Coaching

“The WBII was the answer to all my questions.

I wasn’t sure whether to start my part-time business as a specialist dog trainer for dogs with behaviour problems. I had no idea about how to use simple, low-tech social sites to promote myself and to network. I hadn’t even heard of a business plan and the idea of finding out about the Dutch rules and regulations was simply daunting.

A couple of workshops, informal meetings and emails later, I felt a lot more confident to take on the challenge. I met lots of people in exactly the same situation as me. I received cheap (often completely free) advice and support. I attended quick but powerful workshops that really kick-started my (now intensive) use of social media for marketing.

I am now a full-time entrepreneur and I would never have dared make that step without the practical/condensed knowledge boost the ladies at WBII gave me. I am very very very glad they crossed my path.”

– Laure-Anne Visele, Dog Training Instructor

Teresa Moynihan“By becoming more involved in the activities of the WBII and making full use of my membership, I have benefited enormously. Through networking at the WBII I have made new contacts who can assist me in my business, have met potential candidates for my clients (recruitment), have worked together with other members which have lead to new business opportunities and most importantly, I have made friends.

By attending some of the courses at the WBII I have learned about marketing, goal setting, and how to relax. The lunch-time goal setting sessions I have learned to be more focussed, evaluate my direction, shared my fears with other member participants who are experiencing similar phases and in turn, this has given me the courage to go out and do things I wouldn’t have otherwise considered – because I realised `if they can do it, what’s stopping me’!

As a member of a Business Breakthrough team, we have supported and encouraged each other, exchanged feedback on marketing materials, business ideas and presentation, as well as how to deal with situations, problems – and, we have a good laugh.

By hiring office space at a very competitive rate, I am able to meet my clients in a professional and comfortable setting with all the back-up facilities I need if necessary.”

– Teresa Moynihan, Moynihan HR Consulting

Deborah-Valentine“Starting up for oneself can be rewarding, daunting, exhilarating and so many more things. It can, also be lonely. Being part of the Women’s Business Initiative has allowed me, and my business, to grow in ways no business plan could have anticipated.

From wise and insightful comments from individuals in a whole other field of expertise I have been able to broaden my horizons, refine my message and increase my skills and become certain of the path I am on – as an entrepreneur. I could not have done it alone – and the advice, support and structure of the WBI has allowed this.

Being active at and on behalf of the WBII has meant receiving a wealth of support way beyond the value of what I pay.”

– Deborah Valentine, a hand in The Hague

Moira Gallagher“The WBII is an essential organisation to all women entrepreneurs. If you want to be taken seriously you need to project a confident and professional image. Invest in your business by investing in a membership with the WBII and use our facilities to their full advantage.

I needed the expertise of a legal adviser, a graphic designer, a photographer, a website designer, a tax adviser, an accountant, a journalist, colleagues, collaborative partners, a professional network… I found them ALL at the WBII. Invest in your business become a member today!”

– Moira Gallagher