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Apply for Business Partner Membership

Business owners who are existing members of the WBII, may invite a business partner or employee to join the WBII at a reduced annual membership fee of €75 (excl. BTW). (Our normal membership fee is €150 excl. BTW).

To qualify for Business Partner Membership, the company registration (KvK Number) must be identical in both applications for membership.

To begin, please state the name of the WBII Member working at your company:

Please fill in the following form to apply for membership. Payment of your membership fee will complete your application.

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Complete your Membership Application

After submitting the form, please download the standing order mandate form here for payment of the membership fee of €90.75 (€75.00 + €15.75 BTW). This amount will automatically be deducted from your account on a yearly basis.

Either scan and email it to or post it to:

Women’s Business Initiative International
Nassauplein 20
2585 EC The Hague
The Netherlands

Thank you

What next?

You will receive an invoice and a copy of your contract by email. On receipt of your payment and the signed and returned contract, one of our members will contact you to officially welcome you to the WBII.

Information for new members, with some tips on how to get started, can be found here.