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Meenu Gupta Bansal (The Indian Cooking Class)

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Do you think that Indian Cuisine is complicated, exotic and difficult to cook at home? Well, not any more. Indian Cooking Classes will show you how to master the culinary delights from India. Welcome to a whole new cooking pleasure.

Welcome to the rich world of Indian cuisine!

Indian Cooking Classes provides classes, courses and workshops in Indian cooking at both beginners and advanced level.

Indian Cooking Classes also organises company outings in a customised workshop format. Here’s your opportunity to indulge in cooking some world-famous Indian cuisine with your colleagues and friends while surprising each other with your culinary skills. The workshops end with a delicious and sociable dinner. Indeed a great way to spend some quality time together!

Put a little bit of India on your plate. It is a joy forever!

Name: Meenu Gupta Bansal
Profession: Chef/ Administrator
Company: The Indian Cooking Class
Address: Hoorn
Telephone: 06-44978142

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