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Margit De Freitas (AddValue Consulting)

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AddValue Consultancy is a provider of management and marketing support to SME’s in the areas of export development, grant seeking, content management and development of education services such as student mobility and study financing.

It is our passion to help companies and organizations increase their business results. For this purpose, we team up with experts where necessary to offer the best service. Our guiding values are quality, reliability, confidentiality, and relevance.

AddValue Consultancy was founded in 2017 by Margit de Freitas a former international executive, with the aim to offer her knowledge to small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions that want to start exporting their products or services or want to improve their current business results.

Margit has spent her career working for different types of businesses, both profit, not for profit, governmental and educational institutions. She has traveled abroad extensively for business, has lived in Curacao and the Netherlands and is conversant in several languages, including, Papiamentu, English, Dutch, and Spanish. She has a BA degree in Journalism from the Netherlands School of Journalism and an MBA from the University of the Netherlands Antilles and holds several Certificates in Leadership from the Leadership Management International Incorporated and export development from the International Trade Center, the leading international trade development institution in Geneva.

Name: Margit De Freitas
Profession: Business Consulting
Company: AddValue Consulting
Address: Curacao
Telephone: + 599 9 520 4507
Email: margit@addvalue.cw
Website: www.addvalue.cw

Connect online:
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