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Azkua was born out of the urge to empower individuals and businesses. To help them embrace their uniqueness and (re)discover the joy of collaboration. And out of the desire to transform the way we work and live.

The old concept of leadership is fading. It makes way for a collective, participative, and intimately personal kind of leadership. And we’re very excited to play a part in this transformation.

We offer personal developmental coaching for women and men wanting to make a change. This is achieved via group learning experiences. In these programs we use a range of tried and tested coaching tools and techniques, leading to practical solutions and results.

Name: Manuela Damant
Profession: Women’s Leadership Coach
Company: Azkua
Address: Delft
Telephone: +31617951087
Email: manuela@azkua.eu
Website: azkua.eu
Blog: azkua.eu/azkua-magazine




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