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Lianne de Vries (Mevrouw de Vries)

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MevrouwdeVries is a creative editorial agency for transparent, commercial and journalistic (web) writing. MevrouwdeVries gently juggles with words to create writing that suits you, your style and your small or bigbusiness. As an extra, MevrouwdeVries can advise on your communications strategy. Since 2005 many clients have tasted the pure Dutch MevrouwdeVries recipe. Ranging from soft-drink Crystal Clear, the Ministry of Finance to online fundraising platform JustGiving. Contact me and try it yourself!

Name: Lianne de Vries
Company: Mevrouw de Vries
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 06 43209594
Email: lianne@mevrouwdevries.com
Website: mevrouwdevries.com

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