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Lamprini Kiosse (Lifekey)

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Lamprini Kiosse (MSc) is an occupational health psychologist and counsellor. She assists clients with work related issues. She coaches people in so called “reintegration programs”, helping them to get back to work after a long absence or to reorient themselves in the external market after transition.

“I am a multilingual professional speaking 4 languages fluently and very experienced in multicultural environments and transition processes. As I have lived in 3 countries: Greece, Germany and Holland, I can relate very well to the transition process not only in a professional way but also from my own experience.”

Name: Lamprini Kiosse
Company: Lifekey
Address: Sweelinkplein 9-11, 2517 GK The Hague
Telephone: 06 48250819
Email: lkiosse@me.com
Website: http://www.icconnections.org/info/counsellors/LK.html


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