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Karine-Kayitesi Ponting (Karine Kayitesi)

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Q&A Lisa Hall LemonberryKarine-Kayitesi offers online and offline coaching programs based on Ancient Wisdom principles applied to modern life to help internationals feel at home, find health, happiness, meaning and purpose while undergoing challenging life transitions.

She likes to provide people with a full range of hands-on life tools.

She is a pioneer in Yijing Life Coaching, a specialty developed over 20 years of working with the famous 3000 year old Chinese wisdom Classic (also called “The Book of Change”). She also uses her expertise and experience in taking care of International patients in her Health Practice (as a Chinese Medicine practitioner at My Acupuncture Practice). Her committed practice of mindfulness is another great source of inspiration for her clients. 

Name: Karine-Kayitesi Ponting (Mundere)
Profession: Ancient Wisdom Life and Health Coach
Company: Karine Kayitesi
Address: PO Box 61, 2501 CB The Hague
Telephone: 0624528915

Karine Kayitesi

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