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Fit & Fabulous Moms supports moms of young children to be the best versions of themselves, starting NOW. In individual or small group tracks, you’ll get in the driver’s seat to achieve your personal health goals. And, we’ll have some fun along the way :) 

Fit & Fabulous Moms also gives workshops and lectures focused on goal-setting, healthy habits, conscious eating and hormone balance. 

Johanne Bade, the founder of Fit & Fabulous Moms has a passion for creating a healthy, energetic and fabulous life for herself and other moms. She holds a degree in Psychology and is a certified Coach and Trainer Hormoonfactor.

Name: Johanne Bade
Profession: Health Coach/Trainer Hormoonfactor
Company: Fit & Fabulous Moms
Address: Zoetermeer
Telephone: 0637559167
Email: johanne@fitfabulousmom.com
Website: fitfabulousmom.com
Blog: fitfabulousmom.com/blog-vlog

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