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Entrepreneurship Readiness Program

This course is also available in Dutch

Have you ever thought of being your own boss?

If you never thought it was possible, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Thanks to technologies and new ways of working, increased mobility, and new role models, all kinds of opportunities are opening up.

Whether you want to change your career track, boost your income, or are looking for work, our WBII hands-on Entrepreneurship Readiness Program gives you all the basic tools you’ll need to uncover and enhance the potential to imagine, create and start your own business.

Workshop Program Learning Objectives:

  • Entrepreneurship Readiness “Game”
  • Business Idea Generation
  • Creating your own Business Model Canvas
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Start-up Simulation
  • Coaching
  • Networking


Curiosity, and the desire to explore your entrepreneurial potential.

Who should attend?

Everyone, including, professionals looking for a change, over 45’s changing direction, internationals, anyone reviewing employment options, students, part-timers.

Length of program:

Two-day program, followed by coaching, networking and a follow-up session.

How to book:

This program is run by the following members of the WBII. Please contact them directly to get started.

Charlene Lambert: +31 (0) 6 2184 7256 or vc@womensbusinessinitiative.net