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Heleniq Argyrou (Aha Intelligence)

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Developing the Women
Developing Women of Truth movement with powerful life changing events
Research into the deeper influences on womens’ abilities to lead and change social structures and secure inclusion, gender equality
Arranging and supporting Masterminding groups to create methods to train and support women in male dominated positions
Developing Education
Researching whole brain thinking and rhythm and how these methods can reform educational methods and help reduce symptoms
Developing Leadership
Rank status and conflict resolution in organisations
With Neuro-scientifically evidenced brain optimization training
Visionary leadership and heartbased approaches

I love to dance especially when the beat kicks in, the sea at full moon, sacred sound, dark chocolate, the colour purple and elephants.

Name: Heleniq Argyrou
Profession: Peak Performance Trainer
Company: Aha Intelligence
Address: Rotterdam

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