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Hélène Girard (Hélène Girard Business Services)

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Hélène Girard Business Services helps companies and entrepreneurs who want to develop their business into the French market. When growing internationally, knowing the language of your target market is not enough. You must understand its culture. France and the Netherlands, although geographically very close, are culturally very different. Especially on a business level.

French native, with a solid experience in account management and marketing, and with a long working experience in the Netherlands, Hélène is at her ease with both the French and Dutch culture.

Whether you need administrative and commercial services, an advice on how to adapt your marketing brochure to the French market, the translation of your website, Hélène makes sure that your message will have the final ‘French touch’ that will appeal to your audience.

Name: Hélène Girard
Profession: Dutch-French Services
Company: Hélène Girard Business Services
Address: Le Village, 05000 Gap, France
Telephone: +33624453214
Email: helene@girardservices.com
Website: www.girardservices.com

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