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ICL Media Review is a UK ‘Small Charity’ which provides a daily survey of international criminal law news and developments, and was founded in 2011 by Haydee Dijkstal, who currently acts as a Trustee on ICL Media Review’s charity board and is a contributing editor.

In addition to her work with ICL Media Review, Haydee Dijkstal is an attorney practicing international criminal law and human rights law before both international and domestic courts and tribunals. Her practice has included work before the International Criminal Court, International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Special Court for Sierra Leone and the African Commission and African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Haydee’s current work includes representation of victims and Governments before the ICC, and in cases before US Federal Court.
ICL Media Review’s mission is to provide a daily review of news, media and major decisions affecting international criminal law and the international Court and Tribunals in order to foster awareness and education in the field of international criminal law.

It is run by a group of lawyers who are practicing, or who have practiced and contributed to international criminal law and human rights law at international courts and tribunals, and it collaborates with organisations working to promote international law.

Profession/Industry Sector: International Criminal Law and Human Rights Law

Company Name: ICL Media Review
Country: United Kingdom
Email: iclmediareview@gmail.com
Telephone: +44 7407391020
Website: www.iclmediareview.com
Blog: www.iclmediareview.com