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Submit an article for the Website/Newsletter

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Members are invited to submit articles to be featured on the website and in the WBII Monthly Newsletter (more than 2000 subscribers).

Some suggestions for content:

  • An announcement / upcoming event / promotion
  • A guest post on one of the following topics:
    • Business Strategy
    • Leadership
    • Technology
    • Marketing
    • Niche and Focus
    • Networking
    • Social Media
    • Time Management
    • Social Entrepreneurship/Giving Back

If submitting an article for the Newsletter, please send before the last Tuesday of the month.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Article (not an advert) should be written in English, and preferably in 3rd person (ie. as if someone else wrote about your fab business).
  • Recommended word count: 50-400 words
  • Please include at least one image (jpg, gif, png) to accompany your article.
  • Please DO NOT submit a flyer, brochure or PDF file.

Submit your Article:

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