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Information for WBII Members


We’re here to help your business grow and flourish. Thank you so much for joining us! Here’s a few things you’ll want to do straight away:

  • Join our LinkedIn group (open to both members and non-members of the WBII)
  • WBII is a partner of OndernemersOntbijt Den Haag (Entrepreneurs Business Breakfast) – you are invited to sign up to their database to receive exclusive event invitations by email

Increase your visibility and reach whilst also ranking high in search engine results with our use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your business, a significant benefit of your membership! 

All website content is also shared on our social media accounts and featured in our monthly newsletter (which has an audience of more than 2000 subscribers)

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The more energy you put into your network, the more you get out of it. If you start interacting and investing some time into the WBII, you will increase your exposure and certainly gain from being a member.

“Alone you can go faster, together we come further.” – Akkie Okma

Do you have questions?

We welcome your suggestions: The WBII Executive Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month. If there is a topic you’d like us to discuss at our next meeting, please contact one of the Executive Board members. Your ideas and creative suggestions are always welcome.