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LearningPlus offers specialized tutoring services for children and young adults. From subject specific tutoring (for example in language) to general tutoring (for example planning). Every student and family is regarded individually to understand what their needs and wishes are. We adapt our plan to these needs and wishes. LearningPlus offers specialised tutoring in both English and Dutch.

LearningPlus was established in 2011 by Elize Burgess. Elize Burgess is an educational psychologist, graduated in Amsterdam and she has experience with children of different ages and with different educational needs. Because of her British husband she has stayed in the United Kingdom as well as The Netherlands.

Name: Elize Burgess
Profession: Educational psychologist
Industry Sector: Education, Health, Languages
Company: LearningPlus
Address: Voorburg, Den Haag
Telephone: 0614789047

Facebook page: Learning Plus

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