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Dina Bedewy is an Aerospace Engineer. She has two masters’ degree in engineering from France : computer science engineering from Supélec school and aerospace engineering from Centrale Paris. She graduated in 2011 and since then, she has travelled a lot around the world. She had the chance to discover different cultures from USA, to Asia, Middle East and Europe. She lived and/or worked in seven countries already and that’s make her feel confident to speak to different kinds of people with different kinds of Ethnic or Cultural Background.

Today, she is playing an important role with WBII by providing advice and help promote the organization. Her goal is to help push forward WBII’s goals in order to succeed in the future. She believes in the success of every organization.

Dina enjoys challenges and likes to communicate with people and share her ideas related to any business. She is really open-minded and easy to deal with. Please feel free to connect with her via LinkedIn.

Name: Dina Bedewy
Profession: Engineer
Email: dina.bedewy.masoud@gmail.com

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