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Deborah Valentine is an English language copywriter. She writes for several expat oriented magazines; helps entrepreneurs with their web and marketing texts and edits material prepared by non-native English language speakers.

Given her innate networking skills as well as her languages she offers her clients much more than written words. She connects, interprets and transmits messages long after a contract is completed. She helps others broaden the horizons of the business.

Since 2011 Deborah, as ACCESS Executive Director, in keeping with her motivation to help people broaden their horizons, has been giving leadership and guidance to the many international expatriate volunteers who come through ACCESS’ doors on their way to a more settled life in the Netherlands.

Name: Deborah Valentine
Company: a hand in The Hague
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 06 48645087
Email: valentine.deborah@gmail.com
Website: www.ahandinthehague.com

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