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Deborah Valentine – a hand in The Hague

Deborah was attracted to the WBII through its potential and drive, and the fact that these attributes were aimed toward supporting women and their businesses.In her own words, Deborah started her business, a hand in The Hague ‘by accident’ almost three years ago, and is still working on fine tuning her the business – yet at the same time, getting the bills paid.

Deborah has lived in Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, England, the USA, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and finally the Netherlands. Befitting of her widely-ranged, international lifestyle and experiences, she speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French.

She is currently supporting small entrepreneurs who plan to take their businesses to the next level by providing organisational, marketing and communication support services. Within her business, Deborah’s dream is to ‘make a living from networking for others’.

An important piece of advice from Deborah for others who are starting their businesses is not to ‘PDF your business plan’, and to remain open to improvements and adaptations as circumstances alter – that is, to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone.

Name: Deborah Valentine
Date of birth: 22-04-1964
Place of birth: Düsseldorf, Germany
Nationality: Canadian & Dutch


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