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My name is Darina Veen-Kassova, I am an interior designer according to the Feng Shui Philosophy the Art of Placement. I am offering training courses, workshops, presentations and I provide individual consulting that teach you how to harmonize your home and office space in order to create more balance, harmony and wealth.

The environment can be supporting, uplifting and nourishing or stressing, unbalanced and depriving us from energy. That has a profound infuence on our health and mood and our relationships.

Not only healthy eating, physical exercise and positive thinking is important for our well-being, the way we arrange our home environment and our office is equally important.

People can approach me with various personal questions. I teach and explain my clients how to use and apply principles of balance and harmony of Feng Shui to change your home and improve your life.

Name: Darina Veen-Kassova
Profession: Interior Design Feng Shui Professional
Company: Feng Shui Design
Adress: Waterloop 21 , 2614 XC Delft
Telephone: 06 104 98856
Email: darina@feng-shui-design.nl
Website: www.feng-shui-design.nl

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