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WBII Professional Development Workshop (Is Crowdfunding the way to go?)

  • Is Crowdfunding the way to go? With Marije Lutgendorff
    6 February 2018
    19:00 - 21:30

The WBII are proud to present a series of Professional Development Workshops for the modern Entrepreneur.

Is Crowdfunding the way to go? With Marije Lutgendorff

Are you considering crowdfunding for your startup, project or good cause?

Make sure you are well prepared before you post your pitch online.
Crowdfunding is anything but easy money! All the successful campaigns have one thing in common: They were very well prepared.
Our joint workshop is a good way to start your preparation.
Join crowdfunding advisor Marije Lutgendorff as she takes you on a tour through the world of crowdfunding.
During a two and half hour very (inter)active workshop, she gives you a clear idea of what it takes to build a successful campaign.
She inspires you to get started with lots of stories of successful and less successful crowdfunding campaigns and challenges you to take a shot on the spot.
Crowdfunding is all about communication and in many cases about community building.

Marije Lutgendorff PDW Is Crowdfunding the way to go

The question is :

  • How would you pitch your idea to the crowd?
  • Why do you think the crowd is willing to invest or donate in your venture or project?
  • What will you give them in return?

After this co-creative part she explains the 10 steps crowdfunding strategy starting from Pre-launch to Launch to Post-launch…

About the Speaker:

Marije Lutgendorff worked as an independent crowdfunding advisor since 2013. She co-wrote ‘Crowdfunding, Beyond the Hype’ which was published in September 2014.
She frequently talks and teaches about crowdfunding at conferences or business schools throughout Europe and sometimes even in Colombia.
She will inspire founders in her audience to understand that crowdfunding is the best way to validate your business and raise funds at the same time.
Marije emphasizes in her story how crowdfunding has democratized the access to capital for both entrepreneurs and investors. Building and keeping a community is an important condition for long term success in business these days.

Online funding requires a different type of interaction with investors and with your community.

As the owner of the agency crowdlokaal, Marije advises entrepreneurs  with their strategy to crowdfund successfully.

With, she helps foster the European ecosystem for alternative finance. In addition to these, Marije also works as a startupscout for


Workshop: Is Crowdfunding the way to go
When: Tuesday 6th February, 19:00-21:30
Where: World Trade Center (WTC) The Hague, Prinses Margrietplantsoen 25.

Guest List:

  • Natacha Villedieu
  • Vassia Sarantopoulou
  •  Amy Buelow
  •  Sinead Hewson
  •  Ute Limacher-Riebold
  •  Kristine Racina
  •  Frida Robben
  •  Nira Satguru
  •  Deborah Valentine


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