WBII Networking Event November – It is about the network!

  • 22 November 2018
    19:00 - 22:00

Carlton Ambassador The HagueJoin us for an informal networking evening at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague.
Share your business experiences and network with our members and other guests. Be sure to bring along your business cards!

It is about the network! with Somaye Dehban

As a natural networker and a strategic connector I see possibilities where others see problems – the challenge of finding innovative solutions to societal problems has engaged me with the public sector at various positions and layers over my 15+ years of career. Throughout these years, I have learned and internalized that that the solution is not based on the financial resources available but it is primarily based on the partners with whom we decide to share our vision and our goals – as a seasoned fundraiser it is my conviction that it is not about the money – it is about the network!

Somaye Dehban PhotoWith my diverse field of studies, I bring various perspectives to the subjects about which I write: my associate degree in Applied Mathematics in Computer Sciences has advanced my analytical skills and sharpened my view on details. My multidisciplinary under-graduate studies majoring in Social Sciences (a combination of Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology) equipped me with the ability to situate every problem and solution in different contexts and analyse them from different angles with an innovative and progressive approach. Moreover, my highly interdisciplinary post-graduate studies in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics prepared me to have an enriched understanding towards the position and status of different groups affected by similar interventions.

Dymphna Elsink, from Jouw Assistente will be there to help us registering the attendees.

Guest List:

  • Dymphna Elsink
  • Charlene Lambert
  •  Fatéma Adamjee
  •  Michelle Baird
  •  Linda Grotenbreg
  •  Lisa Hall
  •  Julie Kennedy
  •  Nancy Mayer
  •  Anna Menyhért
  •  Debbie Middendorp
  •  Vinita Salomé
  •  Nira Satguru
  •  Karen Shaw
  •  Deborah Valentine
  •  Esther Velzen


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Carlton Ambassador The HagueThe Carlton Ambassador Hotel is situated in the city center of The Hague on a lane bordered by old chestnut trees – a fitting environment for this quiet, elegant boutique hotel with its tasteful interior and superb service.