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WBII Networking Event January: The Roadmap To Confident & Consistent Visibility

  • 23 January 2020
    19:00 - 22:00

Carlton Ambassador The HagueJoin us for an informal networking evening at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague.
Share your business experiences and network with our members and other guests. Be sure to bring along your business cards!

WBII Networking event January: The Roadmap To Confident & Consistent Visibility

Date: Thursday, 23rd January 2020
Location: Carlton Ambassador Hotel
19:00: Doors open for networking
19:30: Meeting, speaker, questions, followed by networking (till 22:00)

When you are your product or the face of your company, it’s important to weave your personality into your business brand. Even though we have competitors and people who do exactly the same as we do, we need to include our specific perspective on the world and show our strategically authentic self to our audience. Following other people’s blueprints on being visible with your business is a mission impossible, as we are all unique in our approaches and personalities.

Too many entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t know what online platform or live networking clubs are best for them
  • Are afraid to show their true selves because they want to fit in
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the options
  • Want to be visible, but not at any cost

In Nicoline’s talk, we’ll cover:

  • The basic elements you need in order to stand out from your competitors
  • How to make your message stick with your audience
  • How you can be strategically authentic without the feeling of having to share everything
  • How to work your confidence muscle on a daily
  • What types of content will help you to boost your visibility
  • How to choose the best online & live platform for you to thrive on

BONUS: Nicoline will share her swipe file for sticky content creation.

Who is this for:

This is best for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get more confidence and consistency in being visible in their own, authentic way to get seen as an expert in their field, who want more higher-paying clients and better visibility, without feeling uncomfortable by doing so.


About Nicoline Huizinga

Nicoline HuizingaNicoline Huizinga is a Dutch certified, self-employed confidence and visibility strategist, coach, speaker, and author of the book ‘Flick the F*ck It Switch’.

She helps solopreneurs to be visible on relevant platforms for them to land great client contracts. Nicoline’s services include coaching and training for groups and in 1:1 program for service providers to increase their authority with confidence, to sell to ideal clients with ease and to increase turnover as a result. Nicoline’s clients are located all over the world, as she is fluent in 4 languages. She is married, a humorous mom to a 15-year old son, a foodie and a human behavior connoisseur.

For more information about Nicoline, visit www.nicolinehuizinga.com, or follow her on social media:


Guest List:

  •  Johanne Bade
  •  Michelle Baird
  •  Krasi Bozhinkova
  •  Natalie Carstens
  •  Giouli Chrysikou
  •  Julia Close
  •  Dymphna Elsink
  •  Moran Greenwald
  •  Cigdem Guven
  •  Lisa Hall
  •  Kalpee Howard
  •  Charlene Lambert
  •  Rawia Liverpool
  •  Ugne Marchionno
  •  Nancy Mayer
  •  Anna Molnar
  •  Teresa Moynihan
  •  Majoes Mutebi-Holtus
  •  Mary Jane Roy
  •  Deborah Valentine
  •  Darina Veen
  •  Ayla zengin


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