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WBII Networking Event April: What is Female Power and how can we use it effectively?

  • 25 April 2019
    19:00 - 22:00

Carlton Ambassador The HagueJoin us for an informal networking evening at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague.Share your business experiences and network with our members and other guests. Be sure to bring along your business cards!

What is Female Power and how can we use it effectively?


There’s a glowing ember inside us all waiting to be ignited, yet many of us lack the tools needed to fan our own flames and make a positive change to the world around us. Women tend to tap into two types of power: 

  1. Being the bossy bitch; that dominating woman who wears the trousers, the masculine Superwoman. She’s tough, but she gets stuff done.
  2. Our other power trick as women is using sex as a tool to achieve our goals. We’re judged for our looks and sexualised anyway, right? So why not take advantage of it like pop singers, movie stars and billionaire reality stars do?

Thanks to the cultural paradigm we live in, most women believe these are our only two ”powerful” personas that must be adopted to get anywhere in life. 


It’s time to redefine and rediscover our innate abilities, our feminine magic – the kind of power that’s benevolent, focused, sharp, active, supportive, deeply nourishing and connected to something bigger.

By exploring our key female power archetypes, personal development coaching company Azkua and founder / guest speaker Manuela Damant, will demonstrate how women can step up and make their highest contribution in the world. Join us so we can make a difference together, and discover a stronger you.

Manuela Damant – Visionary Collective Leader

Manuela_DamantAfter ten years as Underwriter and Risk & Insurance Advisor at Shell International, Manuela escaped the city to become a coach in 2004. Creator, connector, enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic and believer in the good in everyone and everything. With fifteen years coaching experience, her life goal is to help women embrace their innate leadership skills and power to create a better world for all. As a wife and mother of three girls, she has lived and worked in Zurich, London, Melbourne and now The Hague. The book that changed her life trajectory at 25 was “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coehlo.

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Guest List:

  •  Michelle Baird
  •  Dymphna Elsink
  •  Lisa Hall
  •  Lamprini Kiosse
  •  Teresa Moynihan
  •  Karine-Kayitesi Ponting
  •  Vinita Salomé
  •  Jet Sichterman
  •  Darina Veen
  •  Nathalie Zeerleder

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