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International Women’s Day & WBII 10th Anniversary Celebration

  • 8 March 2016 - 9 March 2016
    15:00 - 00:00

Full Day and Evening Only tickets are
available at the door, join us!

International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016, coincides this year with the 10th Anniversary of the Women’s Business Initiative International! This calls for a special celebration! Let’s make it an event to remember!

Theme: “The Impact of Women Entrepreneurs in the World”

Festivities take place in the Crowne Plaza Den Haag-Promenade whom we thank for their sponsorship.


registration for the full day program


Women Leadership: “Leaders like YOU”
Manuela Damant, Johanna Nesbitt and Sarah Brown from Open the Door Leadership

Women! You must be the change you want to see!
Madi Sharma, European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
Rapporteur Female Entrepreneurship

break and opportunity to network in the Entrepreneur Plaza
Silent Auction opens

registration for the evening program

drinks, ‘planking’ dinner, keynote speakers, networking, silent auction, dance

Official Opening
Daphne Bergsma
Director of the European Department, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Educating Women as Entrepreneurs
Dr. Elizabeth Stroble, President Webster University, USA

Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in China
Xiaoling Sun, International Business Advisor, West Holland Foreign Investment Agency

Creating Local and Global Networks with Expertise and Empathy
Jo Parfitt (Summertime Publishing), Jacinta Noonan (Platform B) and Colleen Reichrath-Smith (CJS Career Consulting)

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs around the World
Yvette van Dok, Brilliant Entrepreneurs

Two ticket options:

  1. Full day from 15:00 to midnight, including afternoon workshops/presentations, and the entire evening program including dinner, speakers, and music (please see below); or
  2. Evening program only from 18:00 to midnight, including welcome drink, planking dinner, keynote speakers from around the world, networking, celebrating and dancing!

For the afternoon workshops, we are pleased to announce that Nominee for “Life in Public Works” award, Madi Sharma, will be travelling to join us and give her much acclaimed presentation “Women! – You must be the change you want to see!”.

For our second workshop we bring you a vitamin dream team of empowering, professional women from the Women’s Leadership Company, Open The Door, including Sarah Brown, Manuela Damant and Johanna Nesbitt, on the subject of Female Leadership: Leaders like YOU!

The evening program starts at 18:00 with a welcome drink and nibbles, followed by a “planking dinner” (a combination of several dishes, served on large driftwood planks with the idea being you can move around the tables and eat further; have one at one table, and another elsewhere): a vibrant evening of networking and celebrating women’s achievements worldwide; and our Birthday, interspersed with inspiring keynote speakers.

Wonderful prizes to be had at the silent auction which will be running in parallel.

Bijlmer-ProjectA portion of the profits to benefit the Bijlmer Project, a meaningful and valuable project supporting women victims of sex trafficking in the Bijlmer area and the rest to enhance operational support for the WBII.

There will be a chance to speed date with our sponsors, and for those who stay long enough: the chance to dance the night away!


Date: 8 March 2016
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel Den Haag – Promenade
Van Stolkweg 1, 2585 JL The Hague


Early Bird pricing extended till 20 February!
Online ticket sales close at 12:00 noon on 7 March.

Full day: 100.00    /   Early Bird: 90.00   /   Door price: 105.00
(Includes: 2 presentations, break with tea & coffee, welcome drink and nibbles, 2 additional drinks, planking dinner and festivities)

Evening only: 75.00    /   Early Bird: 65.00   /   Door price: 80.00
(Includes: welcome drink and nibbles, 2 additional drinks, planking dinner and festivities)

Free parking and garderobe

Stay the night: Special deal at Crowne Plaza of €169.00 including breakfast (excluding local tax of €3.25). Please book via using the promotional code WBII2016

Dress code: Dress for success

Spread the word! This celebratory event is open to
Members/Non-Members, Women and Men.


Our Special Guest Speakers

Workshop/Presentation: Women! You must be the change you want to see!

Madi Sharma – EESC, Rapporteur female entrepreneurship, Founder Global Entrepreneur Envoy, Chair of the Madi Group

Madi SharmaVictim to Change Maker Madi Sharma will show you how to exceed your ambitions and achieve your goals without using a business plan! She will share how her role in the European Economic and Social Committee empowers her to represent women and entrepreneurs across the world.

Madi Sharma is an Entrepreneur who founded and runs the Madi Group, a group of International private sector & not for profit companies, and NGOs.  The philosophy is to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to a sustainable society.  She is also a member of The European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

Madi is a public speaker internationally, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, diversity; gender balance and her passion for corporate social responsibility CSR. Her presentations, spoken from the heart, motivate and inspire and seek to make others consider their ability to affect change.  It is now tagged #MadiEffect
– TEDx: Madi Sharma, Victim to changemaker
– Madi Sharma @Forum One – Inspiring Stories Session

Workshop/Presentation: Leaders like YOU

Sarah Brown (Partner and expert on Women’s Leadership), Manuela Damant (Co-Founder) and Johanna Nesbitt (Founding Partner) Women’s Leadership Company, Open The Door.


The world needs leaders like you.

Women’s tendency for inaction, hesitation and ‘need to please’ is holding us all back.

The world NEEDS you and your fresh perspective.

During our 45 minutes workshop we will shatter your preconceptions of what it takes to be a leader, reconnect you with the powerful leader inside you and move you towards purposeful action knowing you’ve got the support of the amazing women around you.

Your Open The Door Team
Sarah, Manuela & Johanna

Sarah Brown, Manuela Damant and Johanna Nesbitt are the three passionate, inspiring and energetic women behind the Women’s Leadership Company Open The Door. They get what it’s like to be female leaders in today’s world. They are three international professionals with diverse backgrounds who have combined their unique specialties & strengths to offer coaching, mentoring, training, and workshops to women on a wide range of topics including influence, assertiveness, personal engagement, professional and personal leadership, and managing relationships, in both professional and personal life.

Keynote: Educating Women as Entrepreneurs

Dr. Elizabeth Stroble, President of Webster University, USA

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble began her tenure as the 11th President of Webster University in 2009. She leads Webster University’s mission as a worldwide institution transforming students for individual excellence and global citizenship.

During Dr. Stroble’s tenure, Webster has advanced global academic and operational excellence through strategic investments in new academic facilities and technology infrastructure. Webster completed the largest comprehensive campaign in its history, more than doubled its endowment, and significantly increased scholarship support for students. Expanded partnerships locally and globally have strengthened the university’s reach and impact in the eight countries and four continents students call home. Enhanced support for academic programs and services for students in the U.S. and internationally have increased students’ success.

Dr. Stroble was named one of the most influential businesswomen in St. Louis by the St. Louis Business Journal. She received the Distinguished Citizen award by the St. Louis Argus. She was recognized by the St. Louis National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as an inspiring leader. Dr. Stroble was the recipient of the Jewish Community Relations Council’s Norman A. Stack Community Relations award. The St. Louis Community Empowerment Foundation named Dr. Stroble a Woman of Achievement in Educational Leadership, and she received the Diversity Visionary Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Dr. Stroble earned a bachelor of arts degree in history and English from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and two master of arts degrees, one in history and one in American and English literature, both from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. She received her doctorate in curriculum studies from the University of Virginia.

Keynote: Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in China

Xiaoling Sun, International Business Advisor, West Holland Foreign Investment Agency

Xiaoling-SunXiaoling Sun is an International Business Advisor with the West Holland Foreign Investment Agency, and is responsible for assisting and advising companies from China and Taiwan with their business expansion in The Netherlands.  She has a Masters Degree in International Business from the Beijing Economic and Trade University. Xiaoling will share with us her insight regarding the development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in China.

Keynote: Creating Local and Global Networks with Expertise and Empathy

Jo Parfitt (Summertime Publishing), Jacinta Noonan (Platform B) and Colleen Reichrath-Smith (CJS Career Consulting)

A Zulu proverb says: “A person is a person because of people.”
For a successful career and business across borders and cultures, we need each other.

jo-parfitt-100Jo Parfitt is a serial expat entrepreneur and a natural networker. Her portable business, Summertime Publishing, has supported over 100 expats to publish their stories and has travelled with her to five countries. Her worldwide network is made up of thousands, largely created from her time as editor of Woman Abroad.

Jacinta NoonanJacinta Noonan is a coach, trainer & facilitator who has had to build a “career in her suitcase” which she carried from Australia to the Netherlands, then Singapore and back to the Netherlands again. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.

Colleen Reichrath-SmithColleen Reichrath-Smith, co-founder of the Career in Your Suitcase Way, is a certified freelance career consultant with 18 years experience supporting career journeys, first in Canada and since 2005 in the Netherlands. Colleen believes the skills she teaches are essential life skills and is committed to equipping people for career transitions.

Keynote: Brilliant Entrepreneurs

yvette_portret_waterYvette van Dok, Co-Motion Consult

Brilliant Entrepreneur program – The potential of women entrepreneurs worldwide is enormous. Women entrepreneurs want to grow, to innovate their companies and to be of significance for others. When these women get the opportunity, they can make great steps in their development. The Brilliant Entrepreneur offers these opportunities tailor made; talent development, capacity building, matchmaking, strengthening networks in combination with a mission to the Netherlands or another destination.

Talent – I believe that everyone has a unique talent. Individual talent is an endless source of knowledge and inspiration. Full exploitation of this talent is the motor for change.

Did you know we hardly use more that 20% of our talent? This means that there is still an enormous potential for growth. Based on my own talent ‘to make people move’ I support entrepreneurs worldwide, and especially women entrepreneurs, in the development of their talent.

About Yvette van Dok
Following my study at the Agricultural University in Wageningen I worked for 15 years in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2003, I returned to the Netherlands and started my company Co-Motion Consult, focussing on talent and business development. In collaboration with Karen Kammeraat we launched the Brilliant Entrepreneur program.


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