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WORKSHOPS: New Year – New You

  • Day 1, 2 & 3
    16 January 2020
    09:00 - 17:00

What will it mean to be fully alive in 2020 for you

“The Changes that you create in yourself are the changes that you create in the world. Choosing cooperation instead of competition, sharing instead of hoarding, harmony instead of discord, and reverence for life instead of exploitation changes you, and it changes the whole at the same time”

Gary Zuko

Is it time to fully step into your power?

Drop the impostor syndrome and stop playing small?

Update some limiting beliefs and old values?

Making sure that you grow strong, from being fully rooted in what it means to be you?

Let 2020 become the year you become the very best version of yourself.

It is our pleasure to announce a brand new collaboration with Dovile Corrigan and Manuela Damant from Azkua and to bring you three days of intensive experiential workshops. May you enter 2020 and the next decade eager and ready to play your bigger game.

Dovile and Manuela have condensed some of the best bits of their nine day Women’s Leadership Programme just for us in order to help YOU, our members and other ambitious women, to finally recognise, embrace and step into your fullest potential.

Reconnect with what is important to you and the vision you have for yourself and your business. 

Grow your tribe of supportive entrepreneurial women. 

Tap into your innate well of energy and start going with rather than against the tide.

Day 1 is about Creating A Strong Self and you will spend time clarifying your values, your deepest strengths and the real impact you long to make. What are the beliefs that might be holding you back? What might you be afraid off and what saboteurs might be lurking in the shadows? Dovile and Manuela will share some of their favourite coaching and NLP tools for you to implement and practice with.

Day 2 is about how to Bring Others Along & Boundaries. It is all about bringing your values and purpose forward with the right kind of energy and the ability to truly stand for what’s important and the ability to say no – elegantly and yet firmly. Day 2 is also about resilience. Too often we have so many wonderful ideas, but we either are too worried to bring them forward in the first place, or discount them at the first “no”. What if you saw “No” as Thomas Edison did: learning a hundred ways how not to do something, in order to find the one way that works. “No” is just another piece of information for you to put in to your experience basket. Day 2 will provide you with tools that can help you get the best out of your no’s and see resilience as a fun game, rather than another mountain you have to climb.

On Day 3 you will go even deeper in connecting with your inner drive. Bringing together your learning over the two months, evaluating what is working and what is not. And you will work together on creating your own individual “Inner Power Toolkit”. What is it YOU specifically need to thrive and how you get there. 

And most importantly: it is all about growing strong with each other, and holding the space for each other’s success. Creating what we at Azkua call a ‘’mighty network’’.

Here’s what past participants had to say about their programmes:

‘I started this course knowing what I wanted to achieve, but I completed this course understanding something much more important – myself. Thanks to the Akzua trainers’ guidance I have found the confidence and self-belief to understand the direction I need to go in to achieve my goals. And like myself in the process.’

‘The partnership between the Azkua trainers creates a safe environment for growth and learning. They manage to bring their knowledge on the challenges facing women at work and solutions to that in such a unique, caring and bold way, that you are left with no option but to be honest with yourself. It leads to a realization that change has to come from within and that we are in charge of the results we produce. Yet they achieve all of that with no pressure or judgment, opposite: they create something within participants that encourages them to be bold and take charge.’

‘Before the start I was unsure of the outcome and what to expect. By the end of day 1 I had one of the most insightful days of training I’ve had in 25 years of my professional life. Understanding the essence of what it means to be human at work is a gift this training gives through the masterful facilitation of Azkua.’

‘Azkua’s VIP program has been an awareness deep dive. I have learned invaluable lessons about my own strengths and weaknesses and how I can actually have a choice in acting from one rather than the other. It is an incredibly inspiring and rich program that requires your full involvement but in return, gives you life changing insights.’

Usually running their programmes inside organisations this is a unique opportunity to benefit from Dovile’s and Manuela’s vast coaching and training experience. 

And this three day series comes at a very unique price too. 

We can offer you all three days, including materials, three assessments valued at €1500, and tea and coffee at €545 (BTW free) for WBII members and €645 (BTW free) for non-members. 

Spaces are limited.

Book your space and reserve the dates now:

January 17th – 9am – 5pm
February 21st – 9am – 5pm 
March 20th – 9am – 5pm

See you there!

Your WBII board :)


WBII 3 day workshop outline

Guest List:

  •  Louise Bezerra
  •  Anne-Marie Corless
  •  Dymphna Elsink
  •  Lisa Hall
  •  Charlene Lambert
  •  Akanksha Menon
  •  Clair Moore
  •  Teresa Moynihan
  •  Ann-Jeanette Renlund
  •  Jet Sichterman


Lange Voorhout 12, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, 2514ED, Netherlands


Lange Voorhout 12, 2514ED Den Haag