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International professionals have a unique set of needs when they work abroad. I help our international clients manage their wealth and achieve their financial goals by developing tailored strategies to meet each individual need.  


My promise is to offer my clients the clearest thinking on the financial options available to allow them to make informed decisions.

Elliot Lloyd International has now established a Dublin office and are expanding in Munich and Brussels. Mobility of the workforce is a reality and this may change little no matter what the political climate of the day may dictate.  As such it is important for internationals to ensure they protect their assets and seek help from international advisers who work across jurisdictions.  This is what the team at Elliot Lloyd International are good at, we take a global view of your investments, savings and pensions.  If you would like to arrange an initial complimentary consultation please contact us on info@elliotlloyd.com.  


Name: Clare Summerfield
Profession: ​Wealth Manager
Company: Elliot Lloyd International
Address: The Hague
Telephone: 0643 816 253
Email: clare@elliotlloyd.com
Website: www.elliotlloyd.com

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